Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar Vs Texas Deadlift Bar

I had reservations purchasing this bar originally because it doesn't have a ton of functionality, but deadlifts are my favorite and I definitely wanted to see how using this bar would affect my deadlifting. In a head to head battle between these bars, I would go with the Ohio Bar on spin alone. Having both the Ohio Power and Ohio Deadlift, and knowing that both share the same knurl pattern, I can still say without a doubt that 2 mm makes all the difference in the world.

This results in the obvious functional difference of a deadlift bar being easier to hold onto. Below I've compared the core specifications for the Okie, Texas, and Ohio Deadlift bars. Notice in the above picture how their Deadlift form follows the tips in this guide: shoulder-blades over bar, bar over mid-foot, lower back neutral.

Deadlift form looks different for people with long legs/short torso than people with short legs/long torso. But this bending of the bar would again make a deadlift bar less usable for squats and even for benches, as it could cause there to be some whip" to the bar.

And it's for these reasons that women often prefer the sumo deadlift over the conventional format, regardless of the macho name for it. Further, the sumo is regularly better for anyone who suffers from problems with mobility, which in turn can mean it's difficult to get the right form for the conventional lift.

In fact, many top lifters and exercise scientists claim that the deadlift works over 80% of click here the muscles in your body. If you have a vertical line from shoulder-blades to bar to mid-foot, you've setup correctly for the Deadlift. Like with the other Ohio bars, you even get a tag with the signature of the person who put the finishing touches on your bar.

Here's a second video in which I Deadlift with proper form as part of the StrongLifts 5×5 workout B. You can hear me answer common questions about the Deadlift at the same time. The price for the Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt starts around $108.00, which is somewhat high for a leather belt.

The bar fails" in the aspects of truly helping benefit a deadlift (unless your grip is terrible) or in the squat or any leg movement in general. If I were to buy a similar bar today I would not buy the Rogue Ohio Bar though. So the answer is yes, it's true that you may be able to raise your deadlift 1RM by switching to a deadlift bar, but only if you already have a respectable max, and only if your weakness is in the hole rather than the lock out.

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